Elle Bishop (not_myfirstday) wrote,
Elle Bishop

Stolen!! It's a meme... or two!


With this kiss meme, you’ve got to leave a comment with one of four choices:

A kiss on the forehead.
A kiss on the nose.
A kiss on the neck.
A kiss on the lips.

Once you leave a comment with your choice, I’ll write you a fic with our characters and your requested kiss destination.


We all have ideas of where we want our muse to end up in the future. The problem is, we’ve got to wait for that future to show up. Or do we? Future fic let’s us write about that distant future we’re hoping to get to one day. Here’s your chance to get some future fic out of me.

Leave a comment with single word prompt and I’ll write you future fic with your muse and mine. If needed specify a verse and ship.

This applies to all my muses a list of which can be found -- HERE - DO NOT JUDGE ME
Tags: [all]: requests
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